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Services Designed For Your Results
"I decided to hire you Eric because it seemed like you were offering a great value for my advertising dollar. After working with you, have to say fantastic! The best thing is the results. I especially appreciated your punctuality relative to promises made before payment. If someone was thinking about hiring you and asked my opinion, I would honestly tell him/her, you delivered on every promise and there was tremendous value in what was provided."
Jim Gilland - Gilland Law Firm

Search Engine Optimization/ Pay Per Click Optimization
You've discovered the only place in the world that offers you this rare combo of potent onsite and offsite search engine services and that provides this much value all for only a one time investment.
Because I want you experiencing... 
Direct Response Copywriting
If you're like a lot of other business owners, you may have tried other copywriters before or even tried writing something yourself. Maybe afterwards, found the responses were not what you were hoping for. You should know…
It’s Not Your Fault!
Discover how I can take your next writing project and now instantly skyrocket it to the successful level you desire...

My services have dramatically helped hundreds of business owners with solving their business needs. Know you may be at the point where you just need an experienced and creative marketing strategist to either speak to on ideas and achieving goals in your business or maybe need someone to put all these profitable strategies into action...

Personal Coaching
There's a reason why some people don’t want you to see this short presentation. Stay tuned till the end of this short presentation and you’ll be truly rewarded with something that will shock and delight you. Why? Because I’m pulling back the curtain and exposing the 2 things most gurus and other business owners say but don’t really do...

What Some Clients Had To Say...

"After speaking with you I realized the risk reward was clearly in our favor. You gave good communication of services and what you were going to perform. I still thought your services may be to good to be true. I really like the fact that you updated us throughout the project and you got the project completed on time as promised. The results are clear and you gave us almost instant results. This service was great and definitely worth the money. Thanks we will be talking soon."
Michael Reilly - Emerge America

“I came to you to increase my marketing efforts. Your service was excellent and I liked the fact that you were very responsive and a good communicator. I will be telling others how you are a great communicator and strive for perfection!”
David Totten - Visual Web Creations

“Eric, fantastic service and wouldn’t change a thing you’re doing! Everything we discussed is what you delivered. I really liked the fact that you made sure everything was done right from the beginning and was done correctly even after the project was completed. You gave excellent customer service and really appreciated the fact that when I had a question or needed you, I was able to reach you via phone right away. You delivered on what was promised in just days and I’m extremely happy with everything you did. Highly recommend your company and services to anyone.”
David Hersh - Magic By David

“You are a Marketing Machine! Thank You So Much”
Dennis Hartigan - State Farm Insurance

“I had an immediate feeling of trust from you and didn't have this immediate feeling with others that I tried in the past. Honestly, I was so happy with everything and because you broke down everything so specific, I found it all pretty easy. You put a lot of time into my project and I liked the fact that you didn’t give me a one size fits all service like others try to do. As you know, been doing this a while and had no sales when I first came to you. Immediately after putting your copy up Eric, I received my first two sales. Thank You So Much. Love Suzanne”
Suzanne O’Brien- Reiki Training

"After speaking with you I relied on my intuition and knew you would do all you said you would do. You are a f*** genius and you exceeded my expectations! When I said I would refer people to you I wasn't sure if I should tell them to "back off your all mine!"(lol) really a fantastic service and again thank you!"
Jean-Paul Goodrich - Goodrich Insurance

"I am very pleased with your services and thought they were excellent. You were very responsive and I appreciate the fact that you handled my project like a true inside member of my company. I have seen an increase in results by about 20% the first week already. Thanks Again."
Niranjan Rajaratnam - Creatus

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