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From: Eric Barton, the "Results Specialist"

What's My Story?
Official Bio:

Eric Barton is the author of “Fast and Easy Steps To Marketing Succe$$”, a member of America’s PremierExperts, marketing strategist, search engine optimization/ppc specialist, direct response copywriter and serial entrepreneur.

His unconventional and “result driven” views on business and marketing has attracted international attention earning him invitations to be featured on local and national press...

Including Entrepreneur Magazine, America’s Premier Experts, ABC News, CBS Money Watch and many more online and offline media sources.

Eric is dedicated to helping business owners increase their business the fastest and easiest way possible. He lives by the saying…“The True Definition of Success Is Helping Others Succeed”.

Unofficial Bio:

I think the world is flooded with marketing companies and “gurus” who are doing more harm than good to business owners.

They promise you something good, take your hard earned money and then give you headaches, hassles and leave you with an even smaller bank account.

That’s not fair to you or anyone else.

I created FastEasySuccess Marketing with a few goals in mind. What are they?

They Are…

To give you and other serious business owners-the massive value and results deserved and desired.

To make the typical “marketing process” a stress-free, fun and profitable experience.

And to put the true passion back into your business so you, your customers and others can benefit much more. What do I mean by others? Well…

Here’s something amazing that you may or may not thought of before….

When you grow your business and make more money, you’ll also be benefiting so many others as well.

Think about it…

You make more money, customers or clients receive more value, the community has a much better chance of becoming greater because more money is flowing through the area, more taxes earned and amazingly…

Even school systems can improve all because a business prospers.

This is way bigger than your business building-this is community building.

Why couldn’t you be the one getting rich, prospering in your business and field or niche?

Why shouldn’t you be the one to benefit from providing value to everyone around you at the same time?

A win/win for everyone.

If serious, looking for maximum value and finally ready to get the results you deserve- then we should definitely talk. You can call me to discuss your goals at 262.716.1786.

If interested right now in learning a little more about my story and past, then grab your favorite drink-pull up your chair-buckle up and read on.

You See…

I actually think I was born to be an entrepreneur.

As early as grade school I was involved in business. Besides the typical lemonade stand, I even had a candy business as early as 2rd grade.

Would hit the convenient store in the mornings before school and sell everything for a nice profit throughout the day.

From there, got involved with baseball cards.

Since I was collecting, I started to write down tips to help myself collect better.

These tips included pricing, trading and finding the best deals.

Then had an idea to put an ad in a baseball collector’s magazine selling those same tips.

My family and friends were amazed when I started receiving checks and cash in the mail the very first week. I guess I created a mail order company at 9 years and didn’t even realize it.

What did I do with all the profits?

Bought more baseball cards of course. Then started selling those cards at conventions and card collector shows.

Anyways, went on to do many other business ventures throughout the rest of my school years. After my school years…

Went on to work and run sales teams for several large corporations.

After a while, worked for a well known-major insurance company and in my spare time, helped market a fast growing mortgage company.

I took the steady paycheck route because I just had my daughter and wanted to make sure that the "secure" income was coming in.

But by night, was transformed into a dedicated student of ancient secrets and techniques of direct response marketing.

I began to gobble up any new and old profitable lessons revealed in the business world.

The creative marketing and surefire copy I created for those companies took them to a whole other profitable level for sure (guess that’s why they called me the “results specialist” and the “marketing machine”).

Helping my bosses improve their companies was great, but felt like I should be doing more. Now…

We’re going to jump ahead a few years because that was a stepping stone to what I am about to tell you right now.

Fast Forward To Mid-2003 and To The Thing That Finally Transformed My Life and Brought Us Closer Here Today.

Like we spoke about, making those companies healthy profits with sales and marketing was great, but wasn’t able to find all the time needed to work on my own ideas and projects.

Plus, traveled all the time and had to be so far away from my daughter.

Since I was helping other companies out during the week so much, I would drop a small amount of time into my up and coming marketing projects.

Had to leave my own business dreaming to the weekends.

After devouring everything I could on marketing, sales and copywriting over many years...

I started to feel that I could truly have some success if only could apply this profitable knowledge to my own ventures.

I was convinced eventually because the strategies and techniques I tried with them were already proven to be successful for other companies.

Really craved to go out on my own and give my own creations a real shot.

Finally, I ended up relocating to enjoy the beautiful hot Las Vegas days (actually lived directly across from Nellis AirForce Base for about 8 months) because at that point was helping a few other companies out there get their sales and marketing profitable.

Vegas was a whole other crazy story you may want to hear about some day.


After coming home from work one day, checked the mailbox and couldn’t believe my eyes…

There it was. What I Wanted!

You See, I finally found the time to make some calls, create some copy and mail a few direct response marketing pieces for my new business that I tested and launched a week earlier.

The copy I created was simply a sales letter asking owners of high end products to hire me to sell it for them.

I picked these people because I already knew they were trying to sell the products anyways (I learned about target marketing early on and used it to my advantage and theirs).

While my friends were stuck in the paycheck to paycheck traffic, I desired to really get on the fast track and control my own destiny.

Still continued to study and learn everything I could when it came to making money in marketing and sales-online and offline.

Putting the profitable knowledge into high-power action was the key that really unlocked success. Why?

Because this simple, but powerful business venture I created, took a weekend idea and $250.00 and turned it into a nice six figure adverting business, which I ended up selling a few years later in 2005.

Then the fun really began…

I loved testing all these different proven methods learned from all the successful people in the past and current times, but also started to mastermind my own creative and innovative breakthroughs to dramatically impact results.

Shortly after, I started teaching a few select small business owners and die hard entrepreneurs how to achieve the results desired in their business.

After that…

Freelanced successfully by creating marketing, seo, and copywriting packing a potent-punch for clients in all different business fields.

Here are just a few examples of results generated for clients…

* Transformed one business from small start-up to a six figure business within 18 months by simply using a cell phone, $250 and a few profitable strategies.

Allowing myself to sell the business six months after that for 800 times the initial investment.

* Took a brand new (first year) insurance agent from nowhere to top 10 most profitable offices by putting in place just 2 marketing strategies.

* Because of my guidance, another client, a small offline business, in the first month, was able to bank an extra $5,000 a month opportunity immediately and eliminate a $7,500 a month loss just by using one ingenious strategy.

* Took one business from literally no sales (not one) in over a year, to having sales the first day by just using 1 suggestion and injecting just one technique for them.

* Working with one business, transformed the business from almost closing the doors for good to becoming profitable the very first month working together (They were sitting on a fortune and they didn't even realize it until I uncovered it for them).

After injecting potent marketing, three months later, the results improved so much, that it resulted in them being offered and taking a multi-million dollar buyout offer from a major chain.

Then went on to create FastEasySuccess Marketing.

What’s the reason all this is important to you?

Because like spoke about before, created FastEasySuccess Marketing with a few goals in mind and they benefit you as well. What are they?

Well just in case you forgot and since you asked. They Are…

To give you and other serious business owners-the massive value and results deserved and desired.

To make the typical “marketing process” a stress-free, fun and profitable experience for you.

And to put the true passion back into your business so you, your customers and others can benefit much more.

Well there you have it. Hope you enjoyed learning more about my story and vision.

If serious, looking for maximum value and finally ready to get the results you deserve- then simply pick up the phone and give me a call to discuss your goals today.

To Your Success-
Eric Barton, the “Results Specialist” 262.716.1786

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