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Episode 1: Ben Settle and I Discuss...
Email Marketing, Bullets and Blowing Your Customers' Minds

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Episode 2: Doberman Dan and I Discuss...

Front End, Back End and Your End 

Listen in as Doberman Dan and I Dive Into Juicy Nuggets Like... 

*What drug dealers, mafia and other "criminal scum" can teach you about multiplying your money

*I reveal what a famous mayflower madam sold besides sex to become extremely rich

*How one little tweek to an email caused a huge boost in profits and Dan will share what and how he did it

*We talk about why you may want to lose money on a sale and a big overlooked profit maker most business owners overlook

*I expose a sneaky little trick to get your second sales message sent to your customers free. Plus, it's 100% guaranteed to get read

And Much More.

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Episode 3: John Mcintyre (the autoresponder guy) and I Discuss...

Push Send-Then Collect The Cash

Listen in as John Mcintyre The Auto Responder Guy and I Dive Into Potent Email Nuggets Like...

*John and I expose the unsexiest yet most profitable part of email, marketing and sales copy

*Struggle with coming up with subject lines and headlines? Use these simple steps to eliminate that now

*The most common thing business owners do wrong with email and 1 quick fix

*One simple yet potent tip to make sure you always have something to write about in your emails

*We talk about the one thing you must have for your customers if truly want success short term and long term

*John and I share why you may want to hit the bars to start making more money

And Much More

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